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Herkimer Housing Authority


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June 23, 2010 – Revised April 8, 2011

Policy for Tenant Personal Items on Herkimer Housing Authority (HHA) Grounds

The family apartment complexes have become unsafe and unsightly due to tenant personal items on the HHA grounds. It is also time consuming and costly for our maintenance staff to move tenant belongings and picking up litter for the purpose of mowing the lawns and removing the snow, therefore, the following Policy is effective July 1, 2010.


Personal items belonging to tenants must be kept inside the apartments.


No personal items may be left unattended on the grounds of the Herkimer Housing Authority. Grounds include all lawn areas, clothesline blacktop areas or any area on the ground.


Items include, but are not limited to, all toys, coolers, clothing, etc. You may, of course, take toys outside when being used and attended. All items not attended must be picked up and taken back inside your apartment.


Any items left on the grounds will be picked up by the maintenance staff and placed in storage for a maximum of 7 days. If you would like the item returned, you must call the office to place a work order. After 7 days, unclaimed items will be disposed of.


The only exceptions are:

Creekside Courts Barbecue grills and lawn chairs may be stored neatly on the blacktop area and bicycles may be chained to the back porch railing on the blacktop area only.


Eastern Gardens Barbecue grills and lawn chairs may be stored neatly on blacktop area on the back door patio and bicycles may be chained to the porch railing on the concrete patio area.


Porches – According to the lease, “The Resident Agrees To: keep the dwelling unit and any other areas assigned for the Resident’s exclusive use in a clean and safe condition.” This includes the porches, porch steps and walkways from the sidewalk to the apartment. Tenant porches must be kept clean, neat and uncluttered at all times.


Litter – Please teach your children not to litter on the grounds. There are garbage cans conveniently located for papers and litter to be placed in. Cigarette butts must be picked up at all times.


Your cooperation on these matters is appreciated.

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